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Third Grade Classroom Handbook



Textbook: Following Christ ~ Bob Jones University Press

Overview: This book covers both the Old and New Testament with such topics as Adam and Eve, the Israelites in the wilderness, Elijah, Elisha, Job, John the Baptist, the birth of Christ, His life on earth, His resurrection, Christian friends, and when the Lord returns.

Grading: One grade will be given each week for Bible verse.  You will receive your verse on Friday for the following Friday.  Also, we will grade 1-2 worksheets  a week based on our Bible lesson.  Appoximately every 3-4 weeks we will have a quiz over our Bible lesson unit.  You will receive that study information on Friday for the quiz due the following Friday.


Textbook: Reading for Christian Schools 3 ~ Bob Jones University Press

Overview: Our reading books have wonderful stories that the class will enjoy reading. They range from one-page poems to twelve page stories with chapters.

Our workbooks cover:
phonetic analysis                                                sight words
phonograms                                                        context clues
structural analysis                                               dictionary analysis
building comprehension                                       study skills
reality vs. fantasy                                                sequence
identifying main ideas                                          character traits
dividing words                                                     fact and opinion
drawing conclusions                                            prefix and suffix
problem solving                                                   word choice
plot and setting                                                   timelines and graphs


Textbook: Houghton Mifflin – will teach your student to apply more generalizations to word families and get extensive practice in adding suffixes.

Overview: Each spelling list consists of 14 words, which follow a particular phonics rule. Six more words are added to the list from our readers.  Spelling lists are handed out the Friday before and the spelling test is scheduled for the next Friday.  We will be writing these words in class as well as some workbook pages.  We will practice writing sentences with our spelling words.

Grading: Tests will be given on Fridays. On report cards, the letter grade for spelling will consist of the spelling tests from the nine-week period. This accounts for 2/3 of the grade. Workbook pages and sentences will count for 1/3 of the grade.


Textbook: Heritage Studies ~ Bob Jones University Press

Overview: We will be studying the following areas: Our new country, the Bill of Rights, map skills, the American frontier, U.S. geography, the Civil War, early railroads, and the Wild West. History is taught 1st semester.

Grading: We will have worksheets over the reading of each chapter. Class work makes up 2/3 of the final grade. Tests are worth 1/3 of the final grade. A study guide for the test will come home several days prior to the test. Only that information will be on the test.


Textbook: Houghton Mifflin Science ~ Discovery Works

Overview: Science is taught second semester. We will be studying the following areas: Matter, energy- forces, earth’s natural resources, as well as a unit on dinosaurs. We will have many worksheets over the reading of the chapters, as well as experiments. Students attend Science Lab once a week both semesters where they do various hands-on activities.

Grading: Classwork is worth 2/3 of the final grade. Tests are worth 1/3 of the final grade. Study information for the test will come home several days prior to the test.


Textbook: Harcourt Math

Overview: Concepts we will be covering in this book are:
  • Place value
  • Money
  • Time
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Measurements
  • Geometry

Grading: Grades will be compiled in the following manner:
  • Classwork, mad minutes, quizzes and homework are 3/4 of the grade
  • Chapter tests are 1/4 of the grade
Math books, as well as practice test will be sent home as practice several days before taking the test.


Textbook: World of Language 3 ~ Silver Burdett & Ginn

Overview: We will be covering the following areas:
  • Sentences
  • Sentence parts
  • Sentence types
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns
  • Adverbs
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Writing paragraphs
  • Writing letters
  • Writing stories
  • Genres
  • Literary elements
Grading: Practice sheets and class work grades will total  2/3 of the final grade. Tests are worth 1/3 of the final grade. A practice test will be provided as a study guide for tests and books will be sent home for additional practice.


Overview: Homework is given three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) Much of our homework is devoted to studying for tests and quizzes.  Homework may also consist of mad minutes, cursive practice, writing spelling words, and reading from our readers.


Overview: Third grade will be doing a thematic unit on dinosaurs, consisting of a research paper, poster, and mobile to be completed at home.

  • Follow directions both written and oral
  • Raise your hand for questions or comments
  • Speak only kind words. Name calling and teasing are not tolerated
  • Do not “tattle” unless you or someone else is being injured. Do not come to me with information that does not concern you
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • No inappropriate language or aggressive behavior
Pencils, erasers, pens, free time, stickers, notepads, bookmarks, pins, mini books, and candy may be given as rewards.  We also have a marble jar that fills up with good behavior.  We have a reward activity each time the jar is filled.

     Green Magnet 10 minutes off recess
     Yellow Magnet 20 minutes off recess
     Red Magnet 30 minutes off recess

Further discipline problems will result in being sent to the office. Some incidents require immediate removal from the classroom. These are listed in the handbook.

(1) Bible (KJV only) – NOT New King James
(2) boxes of CRAYOLA markers (wide)
(2) boxes of 24 CRAYOLA crayons
(1) Scissors (labeled)
(24) #2 sharpened pencils
(3) large Elmer’s glue sticks (labeled)
(1) set each of addition, subtraction, and multiplication flash cards
(3) boxes of Kleenex
(1) school bag
(2) pencils bags
(1) supply box
(1) ruler (labeled)
(2) plastic folders to be purchased from the teacher when school begins
(2) large pink erasers
(2) containers of baby wipes (not antibacterial)
(4) red pencils, sharpener
(1) 3 ring binder (1 inch)
     Book Sox for every hardback book (2 small & large)
     Gym shoes to stay at school